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Who are we?

Bullitt Albania is the first initiative to bring in Albania one of the most innovative products in cargo transportation. It was first created in Denmark by two friends, Larry and Harry. Both decided to design and build later the cargo bike which had to be functional, but at the same time attractive. Bullitt became an environmentally friendly solution to get around quickly, cheaply and stylishly.

Why Bullitt?

Car is not anymore the only solution to commute daily. Instead you can use Bullitt cargo bike to complete daily tasks. Workmen use Bullitts to carry their tools; delivery and messenger companies use Bullitts instead of minivans, people commute on them, do their shopping, pick up their kids… You name it.

Our Vision

With years of experience, we have developed what we believe to be the ultimate, do-it-all cargo bike. Ridden daily across the globe, it comes with 9 different colors, personalized ones and a diverse accessory line. With quick delivery and availability, highly developed system of components and accessories, Bullitt is the quickest, most flexible and durable solution currently in the market.

Gallery & Events

  • The Family

    The “Family”— Safe and convenient way for your children’s transportation. Built around the Canopy, with a Honeycomb Board as a so

  • The Speedster

    The “Speedster”- This is a really smart option if you have a fair distance to travel and wish to do so at speed. Built around one of

  • The Standard

    The “Standard”- The perfect choice if you are looking after a flexible cargo bike; shopping/groceries, friends, fridges and so on. St

  • The StepseBullitt

    The “STePS eBullitt”- This bike represents the pinnacle of Bullitt’s development and a product we are incredibly proud of. The STeP

  • The Tool

    The “Tool”- The perfect workhorse for professionals- Set it up with an aluminum made lockable Convoy Box, which is tailored to the Bu

Bullitt Albania

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